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Built in Style, Live in Comfort

Here at Fozzini Lifestyle Concepts, Inc., we believe that living in comfort can go hand-in-hand with sophistication and style. We produce and customize high-calibur modular cabinetry that fits your preference and lifestyle.


Our Mission

Fozzini is a company dedicated to producing innovative and well-designed furniture and modular cabinetry; providing its clients with a comfortable yet refined living experience.

Our Story

Fozzini Lifestyle Concepts, Inc. had its humble beginnings in the 1960’s as a simple woodworking workshop located in Binondo, Manila. At the time, the company had only been crafting wooden chests and boxes for a myriad of consumers.

By the 1970’s, the company grew large enough to relocate to the industrial area of Valenzuala, and had expanded its production line to include different types of home furniture such as dining tables and chairs. During this time the company restructured under the name of Everwood Products Manufacturing, Inc.

In the 1980’s the business was acquired by a group of entrepreneurs and rebranded to Jowbiwood Products Manufacturing, Inc. while maintaining Everwood as its brand name for the company’s furniture line.

In the 1990’s, the business had grown to include the manufacturing of steel furniture, modular cabinetry, and a myriad of upholstery products. It was during this successful period that the company was able to expand and reach a nationwide market.


Fozzini is a company dedicated to producing innovative modular cabinetry.

Entering a new millennium meant entering a new era for the company, and by the late 2000’s the company finally rebranded to Fozzini Lifestyle Concepts, Inc. To this day, the company continues to manufacture and supply high caliber furniture and modular cabinetry.

With Fozzini Lifestyle Concepts, Inc., we guarantee that you can live in comfort.

Fozzini is a company dedicated to producing innovative modular cabinetry.

Our Philosophy

Fozzini exists to provide a stylistic yet comfortable lifestyle to its clients through the furnishing and functional division of living environments; specializing in modular cabinetry and custom-built furniture.


Our Location

22 Rincon Road, Malinta, 1440, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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